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What is Populart?

Populart is a minimalist pop art collection with 5454 unique NFTs on the Solana network. We believe in using art to connect people by highlighting the talent and character of the Hispanic culture.

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The Seed

  • Idea - Design - Vision

  • Populart team joins forces to be the ambassador of Hispanic talent in the NFT World.

  • SOLD OUT of 404 Populart F&F NFTs Tickets in a private sale for early investors.

The Roots

  • Connection - Visibility - Investment.

  • Populart community-building.

  • Connection with Hispanic talent that shares our vision.

  • Expansion of Populart team: marketing agency + technology team.

The Stem

  • L'ART Token

  • Airdrops

  • Populart whitelist opening to the community.

  • Populart whitelist minting. June 2022

The Leaves

  • Public sale

  • Secondary markets

The Fruit

  • Celebration - Growth

  • We celebrate the success of our collection which welcomes Hispanic talent into the NFT world.

  • 40% of Collection profits will be destined for the constitution of ArepaLabs to promote Hispanic talent in the NFT world.

The New Sowing

  • ArepaLabs begins its activity by developing new NFTs collections of Hispanic artists and talent, leading Hispanic talent into the NFT world. 

  • Participation of Populart in face-to-face and online events that connect the collection with new opportunities, and that spread Populart's vision to the entire world

  • Online events in unique spaces of the metaverse and events in exclusive places where only owners can meet and connect with visionary people.

Why Populart?

We have the certainty that there is a great talent in Hispanic culture. Populart is an NFT collection that seeks to give more relevance to Hispanic talent and culture on the web3 and NFT spaces.

Sometimes the NFT world becomes confusing. There are scams, and there's no easy access to secure information sources. Because of this, Hispanics experience challenges in growing in this space.

A percentage of the Populart NFT collection profits will be used for the constitution of ArepaLabs to promote Hispanic talent in the NFT world.

Populart is the meeting point of the NFT World for the Hispanic community. A Populart NFT is a key to access to a “Golden Circle” of great lovers of Hispanic talent and the NFT world. A Populart connects its holders with a community that appreciates talent and shares the values of professionalism, service to others, boldness, and humanity.


More than 400 Traits bring the NFT collection to life, of which more than 70 highlight characteristics of the region. It represents emblematic characters in fields of history, sports, art, and television, among others.

Behind every detail, you can find a story. 

We took care to make a study where all the Hispanic countries were represented in our elements and traits. 


Populart is a collection that celebrates the Hispanic culture, its diversity, its color, its great achievements, and its enormous talent. All the good things about Hispanic culture are in a single collection.

Man or Woman
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  • Unique artwork

  • Commercial rights of your NFT
  • 20% second-market royalties are for holders of Populart F&F NFT Tickets
  • 10% second-market royalties are for holders of Populart NFTs Legendary and Brutal
  • Automatic access to WL of projects sponsored by Populart
  • Vote on Populart's features, products, and events

  • Automatic access to exclusive Populart events (education, networking, and events celebrating Hispanic art and culture)

  • Be part of the new projects in our community


Royalty payment frequencies will be defined and announced soon.
Populart's royalties correspond to 7.5% of the volume sold in secondary markets.



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Annabel Rondon
Victor Rondon
Kiany Mora
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NFT Victor.png
NFT Annabel.png

IT Manager 

Creative Director

Brand Manager

Manage IT resources. Oversees the successful development of core technology activities at POPULART.

He has given character and style to Populart. The artist behind our entire collection. The strategy and creative goals are in your hands.

Create the strategies that determine how people perceive POPULART brand.  Oversees design, and events.

Ibelsy Rondon
NFT Victoria.png
NFT Carlos.png
Carlos Mijares

Marketing Strategist


In charge of Associations, public relations, promotions, marketing and integrations. Head of Community

Investigate trends, make predictions about changes in new or existing "cool" cultural trends. Detects  

opportunities for Populart Community!


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Let's be Friends!
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